During the days 12 and 13 of June the I Inner Forum Agropal took place in Barbastro and Alquezar. The aim of this Forum was that all the people who form the company,  know more about the company, from his origin, the present and the future and to promote the knowledge and coexistence.

To do everthing, we colaborate with Maite Ruiz, psychologist, with her talk “Importance of people in Agropal: Human capital in the Company” and Amaya Sanz , layer, with a talk about “The value of Responsibility in Agropal”. Both of them belong to Mediación Navarra.

On Saturday, in Alquezar, Sergio Bernués did an interesting talk about motivation. First José María Cabero showed us Alquezar.

It was a fabulous experiencie.