Two farms of Mazana were awarded, the last weekend, with two prizes.  This award was organized by IRTA, PHIZER and MARM. The farms of Eduardo Palacín and Agropecuaria Isabena, both from Mazana recollected 3 prizes in this annual award. This prizes recognize the good work of Mazana which is increasing from his beginning.

Manuel Mazana and his sons, Manuel and Jose Antonia, assisted the las Friday to Vic to the Porc D’Or Award. Also, Francisco Palacín went in representation of an awarded farm. Mazana’s farms were nominated in six categories. Finally, they collected 3 prizes:

  • Francisco Palacín: Numeric productivity: 751 a 1500 sows.
  • Agropecuaria Isabena: bronze in labour rate and gold in numeric productivity: >1500 sows.

Manuel Mazana was very satisfied with their prizes, above all, “numeric productivity is the most significant ratio in porcine gestation”. About Porc D’Or Diamond, they assure that is was very difficult to get due to other farms are smaller and it’s easier to keep excellent ratios.

Porc D’Or award were born in 1994 initiated by IRTA. They have a45 prizes and 3 special prizes: Porc D’Or Diamond, Maximum productivity and MARM Special Award. The aim is recognized the efforts of enterprises which face challenges and make important transformations. Due to new demands, environmental law, changes in diet and the economic crisis, Spanish porcine industry have got over the obstacles with their profesionality, efforts and using the best production techniques.

Mazana is a good example of adaptation to the currently days. Manuel Mazana stared his activity in 1970, and with the years he steady improved. The incorporation of his sons to the business was the beginning of Mazana Piensos Compuestos S.L. in 1995.

Business activity is dedicated to porcine livestock facilities and products. His evolution has been linked in an integrated process. They invest in a new feed plant, transport business, own fattening farms and genetics. Nowadays, the business generate 61 millions of euros and 85 direct jobs and 100 indirect.

In the future, Mazana will invest to guarantee the efficiency and profitability in porcine production, and also to progress in meat elaboration.